Responsibility for the Electoral Acts is a matter for the Minister for the Housing, Planning and Local Government.  Under Section 17 of the Electoral Act 1997, as amended by section 50(c) of the Electoral (Amendment) Act 2001, provision is made for two payments to be made to qualified political parties:-

(a) a fixed sum of €126,973.80 (IR£100,000) to be made to each qualified party in each period of 12 months; and

(b) an annual sum to be shared among the qualified political parties – currently €4,948,201.68 per annum.

Payments under (b) are calculated on the basis of the share of first preference votes obtained by an individual qualified party at the previous general election.  These shares are calculated by the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government.  Payments are made quarterly in arrears.  There are 8 qualified parties in the current (32nd) Dáil – the annual rates payable under (a) and (b) combined are as follows:

Party Annual  Rate
Fine Gael €1,663,390.42
Fianna Fáíl €1,593,125.96
Sinn Féín €960,745.78
Labour €524,809.22
AAA-PBP €364,487.48
Social Democrats €308,077.98
Green Party €290,759.28
Renua €258,595.96


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