The Secretary General, Mr Robert Watt, was invited to appear before the Public Accounts Committee on 19th November 2015 for examination of the following matters:-

• 2014 Annual Report and Appropriation Accounts of the C&AG:
• Vote 11: Office of the Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform
• Vote 12: Superannuation and Retired Allowances
• Vote 41: Office of Public Procurement
• Chapter 4: Vote Accounting and budget Management
• Chapter 5: Management of Government Grants
• Chapter 6: Payroll Accrual for National Accounts
• Chapter 7: The National Lottery Fund

The following briefing was prepared for the Secretary General, Mr Robert Watt, prior to his appearance before the PAC:

Advance Briefing 06. Chapter 5 Management of Government Grants
Advance Briefing 08. National Lottery

Agenda Item 01. Vote 11 Public Expenditure and Reform
Agenda Item 02. Vote 12 Superannuation and Retired Allowances
Agenda Item 03. Vote 18 Shared Services
Agenda Item 04. Vote 41 – Office of Government Procurement
Agenda Item 05. Chapter 4 – Vote Accounting and Budget Management
Agenda Item 06. Chapter 5 – Management of Government Grants
Agenda Item 07. Chapter 6 – Payroll Accrual for National Accounts
Agenda Item 08. Chapter 7 – The National Lottery Fund

Matter for Examination 01. DPER Vote 11
Matter for Examination 02. Vote 12 Questions and Answers
Matter for Examination 02. 2014 Vote 12 Appropriation Account
Matter for Examination 03. NSSO Vote 18
Matter for Examination 04. Appropriation Account OGP Vote 41
Matter for Examination 04. Consolidated OGP Briefing
Matter for Examination 05. Vote Management
Matter for Examination 06. Management of Government Grants
Matter for Examination 07. Chapter 6 Payroll Accrual – Additional Material
Matter for Examination 08. National Lottery Money ring-fenced for Children’s Hospital
Matter for Examination 08. Brief re letter from Irish Environmental Network re National Lottery
Matter for Examination 08. National Lottery – New Licence Arrangement
Matter for Examination 08. National Lottery – Regulator
Matter for Examination 08. National Lottery – Good Causes

Matter for Examination 08. National Lottery – Lotto game change


PAC Report on Wards of Court July 2015

PAC Report on the Bytel Project


Topical Issues 001. Index
Topical Issues 01. Senior Public Service
Topical Issues 02. Apportionment of Global Valuations
Topical Issues 03. Benefacts
Topical Issues 04. Budget 2016 Allocations to Housing
Topical Issues 05. Commercial Rates on Wind Farms
Topical Issues 06. Commissioning
Topical Issues 07. Delivery of Reform
Topical Issues 08. Election Costs
Topical Issues 09. Returning Officer Procurement Requirement

Topical Issues 10. ESRI
Topical Issues 11. HR policy – Sick Leave
Topical Issues 12. Local Authority Water related debt
Topical Issues 13. Local Government Fund
Topical Issues 14. Progress on Revaluation
Topical Issues 15. Revision of the Disciplinary Code
Topical Issues 16. Public Service Debt Management Project
Topical Issues 17. Valuation (amendment) Act 2015
Topical Issues 18. FEMPI
Topical Issues 19. ICT Strategy
Topical Issues 20. Note re HSE Integrated Financial Management System
Topical Issues 20a. Additional note on HSE Financial System
Topical Issues 21. Freedom of Information
Topical Issues 22. Digital Services
Topical Issues 23. PPP’s
Topical Issues 24. Capital Review
Topical Issues 25. Sec Gen Justice TLAC
Topical Issues 26. TLAC processes
Topical Issues 27. Climate Change Paris negotiations
Topical Issues 28. Role of Sec Gen and Accounting Officer
Topical Issues 29. Local Authority Funding
Topical Issues 30. Government Accounting Developments
Topical Issues 31. Internal Audit
Topical Issues 32. Retained HR
Topical Issues 33 National Shared Service Office for publication
Topical Issues 34. Data Protection Measures in the NSSO
Topical Issues 35. Overpayments
Topical Issues 37. Financial Losses (2014 CAG Report)
Topical Issues 38. Regional Assemblies Grant-in-Aid
Topical Issues 39. Termination Arrangements for TDs Senators and Ministers
Topical Issues 40. Penalty Interest
Topical Issues 41. Irish Water
Topical Issues 42 – Minutes of the Minister Response to PAC Reports
Topical Issues 43. Development of Eircode Postcodes projects
Topical Issues 44. Public Service Pay
Topical Issues 45. Public Service Numbers
Topical Issues 46. Lansdowne Road Agreement Briefing
Topical Issues 47. Fiscal Transparency
Topical Issues 48. Universal Health Insurance
Topical Issues 49. Gross and Net Outturns 2011 to 2015
Topical Issues 50. Supplementary Estimates Briefing
Topical Issues 51. Responsibilities of Civil Servants on Boards of Non-commercial state bodies
Topical Issues 52. PAC Update – Tipperary Hostel
Topical Issues 53. Carrisbrook House
Topical Issues 54. Telcos Valuation
Topical Issues 55. DDDA