EU Directive 2013/37/EU – the 2013 Public Sector Information Directive – was transposed by Regulations (SI 525/2015) which took effect on 24 November 2015.

These PSI Regulations create a statutory framework for the re-use by businesses and citizens of existing information held by public sector bodies in new products and services. The Regulations affect how information can be re-used, once it has been legitimately accessed, by placing obligations on the public sector to the benefit of re-users with the aim of boosting economic activity, but they do not create any new rights of access to information.

The Regulations required a revision of the existing PSI licence to minimise restrictions on the re-use of Public Sector Information where possible and appropriate. Licensing sets down the conditions under which re-use can take place.

Circular 12/2016 sets out the licensing arrangements for the re-use of public sector information.