Public Service Agreement 2010-2014 (Croke Park Agreement)

In 2010 the Croke Park Agreement covering the period 2010-2014 was reached with the Public Services Committee of ICTU as well as the representative Garda and Defence Force Associations (who may not be members of ICTU). The Agreement is available here.

The Public Service or “Croke Park” Agreement is a commitment by public servants and their managers to work together to change the way in which the Public Service does its business so that both its cost and the number of people working in the Public Service can fall significantly, while continuing to meet the need for services and improve the experience of service users.

Contingent on delivery of the savings and compliance with the Agreement, the Government gave certain commitments to serving public servants:

  • no further reductions in their pay rates, other than those applied in 2009 and 2010;
  • no compulsory redundancies (where they do not currently apply) as long as public servants are flexible about redeployment;
  • an extension of the period within which the January 2010 pay reductions are disregarded for the purposes of calculating pensions, now to February 2012;
  • a review of the position on public service pay in the Spring of each year of the Agreement.

The changes proposed by public service management to achieve efficiencies and savings in each sector under the Croke Park Agreement are set out in the form of action plans. Action Plans have been prepared by the Civil Service, State Agency, Local Government, Education and Justice sectors.

Recent events have only served to highlight the significance of the commitments made by the Government especially on the issues concerning pay, job security and pensions in the Agreement. Successful and full implementation of the Agreement is now even more critical in light of the challenges faced by each public service body to continue to meet public needs for their services while staffing numbers fall.

The link to the website of the Implementation Body for the Agreement is here.