Fianna Fáil costings

Signed Fianna Fáil letter

Fianna Fáil Table with Dept responses

Appendix 1 Costing the Child Care Tax Credit Proposal

Appendix 2 Costing Loan System

Appendix 4 Prescription Charges PQ 44622 15

Appendix 5 Consultant Costs PQ 45696 15 Response letter

Appendix 6 HSE Budgeting and Service Estimates 2016 13th August

Appendix 7 Nurse Costs PQ 2347 16

Appendix 9 Personal Assistan Costs PQ 45699-15 46090-15 (Deputy Kelleher) – PA Service (7-1-16)

Appendix 10 Cost Estimate for Toll Saver

Appendix 11 Cost Estimates for Electric Car Proposals for DFinance

Appendix 12 Cost Estimates Allowing Rail Passengers to Add Park and Ride to their Tax Saver

Appendix 13 Recruitment of Therapy staff costs

Appendix 14 Cost of additional beds


Sinn Féin

Signed Sinn Féin letter

Sinn Féin Table with responses


Labour costings

Signed Labour Party letter

Labour Table with full responses