Appointments to State Boards, including to those under the aegis of the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, are advertised openly on the State Boards portal at, which is operated by the Public Appointments Service.

You can register your Expression of Interest on and, should a relevant vacancy arise, you will be notified. A subsequent application will be assessed under a transparent system that is implemented on an independent basis by the Public Appointments Service with a view to ensuring that the most qualified/suitable persons are identified for any such vacancies.

According to this model, successful candidates must meet the specific and detailed criteria determined by the relevant Minister as necessary for a member of the particular Board.

All State Board appointments are subject to these arrangements, other than those where vacancies must be filled through a particular process or where a Minister is reappointing a Board member and where that member has already demonstrated his/her capacity to perform effectively.

The website, as well as being the sole portal for the receipt of applications for all State Boards, also contains definitive and current information on all State Boards.

Final appointments are the exclusive responsibility of the relevant Minister in line with the statutory requirements relating to the appointment of specific persons to State Boards on an ex-officio basis, or on the basis of nominations received from other Ministers or particular stakeholders.

Ministers are expected set out for the Public Appointments Service the key requirements that a candidate must meet, including:-

  • Specialist skills and technical knowledge;
  • Relevant experience and sectoral expertise;
  • Educational and other qualifications; and
  • Particular personal attributes.

In November 2014, the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform issued detailed Guidelines on Appointments to State Boards, which set out the procedures that must be followed in appointing State Board members.

A review of these new arrangements will be carried out and completed in 2016.

For information on the membership of State Boards under the aegis of this Department, please see: Boards under Department of Public Expenditure and Reform