The Top Level Appointments Committee (TLAC) was established in 1984. The Committee’s function is to recommend candidates to Ministers and Government for the most senior positions in the Civil Service – at Assistant Secretary level and upwards. By carrying out this function in an independent manner and by making its decisions strictly on the basis of the relative merit of the candidates for the positions concerned, TLAC aims to strengthen the management structure of the Civil Service, and to provide a means by which the best candidates can aspire to fulfilling their potential.

The list of current TLAC members as at 5th July 2017 is available here.

TLAC operates under the license and requirements of the Commission for Public Service Appointments.

An explanation of the role and functions of the TLAC is available here.

The Annual TLAC reports are available here:

5th TLAC Report to the Minister

4th TLAC Report to the Minister

3rd TLAC Report to the Minister

2nd TLAC Report to the Minister

1st TLAC Report to the Minister