In November 2011, the Government set out 2 commitments in relation to agency rationalisation:

(i) to implement 48 measures; and

(ii) to critically review proposals for a further 46 measures.

To summarise the present situation to Q3 2014:

Of the original 48 measures:

•all of these  have either been fully delivered or will be delivered as soon as practicable, apart from the small number where the Government decided on reflection not to proceed (viz. the rationalisation concerning the National Cancer Registry, the proposed merger of the Commission for Aviation Regulation and the Irish Aviation Authority and the proposed measure regarding the Office of An Coimisinéir Teanga and the Office of the Ombudsman).

•a delivery report on these measures is in Table A

Concerning the 46 critical reviews of further proposals for rationalisations:

•these reviews were completed;

•following detailed consideration of the reviews, in late 2012 the Government decided to implement 25 agency rationalisation measures   Details are in Table B;

•work on these measures is well underway, many of which are already delivered;

•included among these are significant reform measures in the Local Government sector, which  resulted in the abolition of 80 town councils earlier this year.

Many of the measures involve changes to legislation. Much of this legislation has already been enacted.  In instances where work on the legislation is still advancing, where possible the new administrative arrangements are being put in place ahead of the legislative changes.  This facilitates the earlier delivery of the operational changes thus allowing the savings and other benefits to accrue.

The attached tables show the details and updated status of each of the specific measures.

TABLE A – delivery report on the original 48 measures.

TABLE B – progress on the 25 measures decided upon following the Critical Review process.