Review of the Capital Plan 2016-2021

The Capital Plan – Building on Recovery, published in 2015, set out a six year framework for substantial infrastructural investment in Ireland out to 2021 with total state backed investment under the Plan amounting to €42 billion over the period.

An additional €5.14 billion in Exchequer capital investment was originally allocated in the 2016 Summer Economic Statement (SES) in June 2016 for increased public capital investment over the period of the Capital Plan.  A further €1.5 billion has been allocated by Government, as set out in the 2017 SES, over the period 2019-2021.  Taking account of the significant resources of €2.2 billion which has been provided to support the delivery of the Action Plan for Housing over the period and other commitments made in Estimates 2017 with implications for 2018 and 2019, €4.1 billion in additional capital expenditure is to be allocated on the basis of this review in Estimates 2018.

In overall terms, the planned total increase in public capital investment between 2018 and 2021 is almost 40% greater than what was initially envisaged under the Capital Plan in 2015.

€ millions






Original Capital Plan Allocations






Revised Capital Plan Allocations







  • To read a copy of the Review of the Capital Plan click here.
  • To read a copy of the Capital Plan published in 2015 click here.


Capital Projects Tracker

The capital tracker lists a range of projects and programmes committed to by Departments over the period of the Capital Plan.  While the tracker does not provide an exhaustive list of all capital expenditure the list of projects goes some way to highlighting the diverse range of infrastructural demands competing for the resources of the State.

The purpose of the tracker is to inform citizens of the variety of projects currently in the planning and construction phase and to also give a greater oversight to construction and infrastructure sectors of the Governments investment commitments and opportunities.  The tracker will provide the public, businesses and other stakeholders with reliable information about current and future infrastructure delivery.

The level of investment is a key indicator of the economic progress that will continue to be made over the coming years.

This information has been compiled from returns received by Departments; any queries relating to sectoral information or individual projects should be directed to those Departments.

The tracker for Transport infrastructure projects extends out to 2022, reflecting the seven-year envelope for this sector, rather than the period of the Capital Plan which finishes in 2021.

  • To view a copy of the Capital Tracker click here.


Departmental Submissions and Public Consultation

Detailed submissions were received for the review from all Departments providing a report on progress to date under the Capital Plan, together with proposals to utilise the additional available capital funding.

  • The Departmental submissions are available here.

A public consultation process was also held in April to ascertain the views of key stakeholders and the general public on what our national infrastructure priorities should be. This consultation also sought views on infrastructure investment priorities beyond the period of the current Capital Plan, which will help formulate the longer-term National Investment Plan for the next ten years to be published by end-2017.


Capacity and Demand Analysis

The evidence base for the review of the Capital Plan has been compiled based on the aforementioned detailed Departmental submissions and public consultation and has been supplemented by analysis, completed by members of the Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service (IGEES) within the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. The Infrastructure Capacity and Demand Analysis draws on available data and information to provide a detailed overview of the extent and quality of public infrastructure in key sectors (including transport, health, education, water, energy, broadband, housing and flood defences) and the primary drivers of projected future demand in order to support and contribute to the decision-making process on prioritisation.

  • The analysis and findings arising from the IGEES capacity and demand analysis research is available here.


Key Next Steps

The Government will make final decisions on  the allocation of the additional funding available for public investment over the period 2018-2021, in the context of the 2018 Estimates.

Following the allocation of the funding for increased capital investment in the 2018 Estimates, the Minister will publish a new 10 Year National Investment Plan for the period 2018-2027 before the end of the year.

The 10 Year National Investment Plan will form a close alignment to the National Planning Framework, which will provide the framework for future development and investment in Ireland.