Centrally, the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform is coordinating reform across a range of issues including workforce planning, performance management, leadership, mobility, shared services, procurement, alternative models of service delivery, property management and eGovernment. The Department is driving increased capacity and capability for change, centrally and across the various sectors of the Public Service, to ensure that the focus is firmly on implementation and delivery. The implementation of such reforms to date has been facilitated by the Public Service Croke Park Agreement  and the Haddington Road Agreement. The latter agreement has been extended by the Lansdowne Road Agreement which runs to September 2018.

The Reform and Delivery Office (RDO) which was established within the Department, is overseeing and driving the reform agenda. The activities of the RDO are centered around five main areas: Public Service Reform Programme Management; Alternative Models of Service Delivery; Government Reform; and Civil Service Renewal.