The National Public Procurement Policy Unit (NPPPU) was established in June 2002 and is charged with the formulation of policy, dissemination of best practice and guidance in public procurement and the delivery of the government’s e-procurement strategy.

The General Public Procurement Unit is responsible for procurement policy, national procurement guidelines, EU directives and the Government Contracts Committee. The unit can be contacted at 01 6318034 or 6318101 or email:

Publications: The Department of Finance Public Procurement Guidelines issued by the National Public Procurement Policy Unit are available on the national e-tendering website, General Guidance on National and EU procurement rules can be purchased in booklet form from the Government Publications Office, phone: 01-647 6000; Fax: 01-4752760 These directives may be viewed on the European Union procurement site A further European website that may be of interest is the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) that displays all European tender opportunities:

Construction Procurement

The Unit also has a section that deals specifically with construction procurement. This section may be contacted at 01 6318046/6045669.

Procurement Management Reform and eProcurement

The procurement management reform section deals with the development and implementation of specific policy and practical initiatives to advance the progress of strategic procurement change in the Irish public sector. This has involved developing a National Public Policy Procurement Framework; the improvement of capacity building in the public sector through training and education measures; practical approaches such as pilot aggregation initiatives and the development of a framework for the use of purchase cards and the development of policy papers and best practice advice. The section can be contacted at 01 6045832/6318046.

The eProcurement Unit is progressing the eProcurement Strategy (“Strategy for the Implementation of eProcurement in the Irish Public Sector”, published in October 2001 – Click here for Executive Summary or Final Report), the management, promotion and enhancement of and the hosting of a network for those involved in e-procurement throughout the public sector. displays on a daily basis all Irish public sector procurement opportunities currently being advertised and provides for online submission of tenders. There is no charge to Authorities or suppliers for this service and it is freely available for use by the public. For information on all aspects of eProcurement contact 01 6045838/6318049 or email: