The OECD Forum on Transparency and Integrity in Lobbying held at the end of June 2013. The Forum addressed key challenges in designing and implementing a system that ensures compliance in a cost-effective way. By bringing all stakeholders on board, the Forum sought to gain insights on how to practically improve transparency and integrity in lobbying to benefit all actors involved. The OECD’s own summary of the Forum is available here.

Ireland’s proposals for the Regulation of Lobbying were presented at the Forum. These proposals based on the OECD Principles on Transparency and Integrity in Lobbying and on the lessons learned in other jurisdictions were well received. The provisions that received particular attention were:-

  • Measures to minimise the administrative burden;
  • The comprehensive definition of lobbying proposed;
  • The exemption of normal citizen interaction with their public representatives;
  • The establishment of an independent oversight body;
  • Proposed compliance and enforcement measures
    • focus on education on guidance;
    • proposed provision in statute for periodic review of the legislation;
    • provision for low level sanctions in respect of minor breaches to encourage compliance i.e. name and shame provisions;
    • inclusion of more severe penalties for serious breaches of the legislation

Documents provided to the OECD:-

Presentation to the OECD on the Proposed Regulation of Lobbying in Ireland

Regulation of Lobbying – Recent Developments