National Development Plan 2018-2027

The National Development Plan sets out the investment priorities that will underpin the successful implementation of the new National Planning Framework (NPF).  This will guide national, regional and local planning and investment decisions in Ireland over the next two decades, to cater for an expected population increase of over 1 million people.

The National Development Plan demonstrates the Government’s commitment to meeting Ireland’s infrastructure and investment needs over the next ten years, through a total investment estimated at €116 billion over the period. This represents a very substantial commitment of resources and is expected to move Ireland close to the top of the international league table for public investment (as detailed in the NDP).

This level of capital spending will ensure ongoing employment maintenance and creation with appropriate regional development. It will also provide clarity to the construction sector, allowing the industry to provide the capacity and capability required to deliver Government’s long-term investment plans.

The National Development Plan also illustrates the commitment to reforming how public investment is planned and delivered. This will be achieved through a decisive shift to integrated regional investment plans, stronger co-ordination of sectoral strategies and more rigorous selection and appraisal of projects to secure value-for-money. A new funding model for Exchequer funded public investment is being put in place to ensure that resources are allocated to projects and programmes that meet NDP priorities. This includes a number of innovations being introduced in the NDP, including:

  • Long-term (10 year) strategic approach to investment, in support of the 10 National Strategic Objectives of the NPF.
  • Sustained increase in investment share of national income to meet infrastructural needs.
  • All Departments’ capital programmes fully funded for 5-year period.
  • Longer term key Strategic Investment Priorities funded to completion.
  • Establishment of four new funds, with a combined allocation of €4 billion, to be allocated on a competitive basis for projects which meet the criteria of the funds.
  • Establishment of a new National Regeneration and Development Agency to maximise the potential use of under-utilised land banks in cities and towns.

Please find the National Development Plan 2018-2027  here.

Investment Projects and Programmes Tracker

The initial version of the ‘Capital Tracker’ was published in autumn 2017. That version provided basic information on the main Exchequer-funded investment projects and programmes planned for delivery under the Capital Plan that was published in 2015; some 116 projects and programmes. The September 2018 enhanced version represents a much expanded and improved inventory of the medium-term pipeline of public capital investment that is now planned for delivery under the NDP.  The tracker can be found here.