Ireland Stat is the new pilot whole-of-Government level performance measurement website. It aims to meet the Programme for Government commitment for accountability and transparency and to answer the question “How is Ireland doing?”

Ireland Stat presents a hierarchy of measures to show Ireland’s performance. The website will show:

  • Achievements – what has Ireland achieved?
  • Actions – what has Ireland done?
  • Costs – what has it cost Ireland?
  • International comparisons – how is Ireland doing compared to other EU and OECD countries?
  • Trends over time – are the measures improving, staying the same or getting worse?

Ireland Stat has evolved from the Performance Budgeting process and draws on existing publicly available measures gathered from Statements of Strategy, Annual Reports, CSO, OECD, EuroStat, etc. It brings the measures together into one website in a clear and logical way; it is based on international best practice.

The Website

The website covers the following:

Policy areas Programmes
Economy Jobs & Enterprise Development; Innovation; Agri-food, Regulation, Tourism Services
Health Food Safety, Sports and Recreation Services
Education Education, National Gallery, Skills Development
Public Safety Defence, Prisons
Infrastructure Broadcast, Civil Aviation, Communications, Energy, Housing, Land Transport, Maritime Transport and Safety, Planning, Water Services
Environment Environment and Waste, Inland Fisheries, Rural Economy, Flood Risk Management; Food Safety, Met Eireann, Natural Resources
Social Protection Social Protection, Community and Rural Development
Public Services Agriculture – Direct Payments, Local Government, Property Registration Authority, State Laboratory

Please see here for more information

A Paper on Ireland Stat has been published in the IPA’s Administration.

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