Investment Projects and Programmes Tracker

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The tracker lists a range of projects and programmes to be delivered by Departments over the period of the NDP. The tracker therefore includes investments to be delivered through the capital ceilings published in the NDP for the period 2018 to 2022, along with specific investments thereafter which were given allocations in Table 3.2 of the NDP, e.g. the Metrolink. The tracker currently focuses on projects and programmes with costs greater than €20 million. While it does not provide an exhaustive list of all capital expenditure, the list of projects serves to highlight the diverse range of infrastructural demands competing for the resources of the State.

It is important to note that the management and delivery of the investment projects within capital expenditure allocations are the responsibility of the sponsoring Department in each case. The Department of Public Expenditure & Reform is responsible for setting the capital expenditure allocations for the spending Departments and for authorising the delegated sanction arrangements under which those Departments make their spending decisions.

The initial version of the ‘Capital Tracker’ was published in autumn 2017. That version provided basic information on the main Exchequer-funded investment projects and programmes planned for delivery under the Capital Plan that was published in 2015; some 116 projects and programmes. The September 2018 enhanced version represents a much expanded and improved inventory of the medium-term pipeline of public capital investment that is now planned for delivery under the NDP.

This version includes the following improvements:

  • Expansion of the range of projects and programmes listed to over 260 entries.
  • Investment projects and programmes are linked in each case to the relevant National Strategic Objective as set out in Project Ireland 2040.
  • The tracker is now published as a spreadsheet which is interactive, sortable and more user-friendly.
  • For each project, the tracker indicates the stage it is at in the project life-cycle, e.g. Stage 1 pre-appraisal, Stage 5 Implementation.
  • An accompanying Overview and Analysis Paper has been prepared. This provides a high-level analysis of the key trends and messages arising from the project and programme level data.

Published 19/09/2018