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Data-Sharing and Governance Bill: Policy Proposals

In October 2013, the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform brought a Memorandum to Government setting out a series of actions to improve data-sharing in the public service. Chief among these was the development of the Heads of a Data-Sharing and Governance Bill.

On 1 August 2014, the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform published a policy paper entitled, “Data Sharing and Governance: Policy Proposals”, which set out key elements of proposed legislation. Interested parties were invited to make submissions responding to the policy proposals. The Department received many constructive submissions, which are published below. The submissions received have contributed significantly to the development of policy on Data-Sharing, and the Department is very grateful to the respondents for their contributions to date.

On 24 November 2014, a public information event was held to discuss the outcomes of the consultation. The event was addressed by Robert Watt, Secretary General of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform; Helen Dixon, Data Protection Commissioner; and Daragh O’Brien of Castlebridge Associates. This event allowed for useful discussion of the main policy issues from different perspectives.

Having considered the submissions received, the Department prepared a draft General Scheme of the Data-Sharing and Governance Bill. In July 2015, the Government approved the drafting of the Data-Sharing and Governance Bill along the lines of the General Scheme, subject to such drafting or technical amendments as may be agreed between the Minister and the Attorney General.

While the consultation phase is now completed, the Department continues to welcome comments on the policy paper or on other aspects of data-sharing by email to

Government Reform Unit
Department of Public Expenditure and Reform

draft General Scheme of the Data-Sharing and Governance Bill

Submissions Received:

01. Quality and Qualifications Ireland
03. Central Statistics Office
04. Dept Social Protection – Client Identity Services
05. National Statistics Board
06. Insight Centre for Data Analytics
07. Irish Social Science Data Archive
08. Submission from Private Individual
09. Barry Doyle – GIS Manager – Roscommon CoCo
10. Creditinfo – Hugh J. Ward
11. Association of Data Protection Officers
12. Castlebridge – Digital Rights Ireland
13. Department of Transport Tourism and Sport
14. Citizens Information Board
15. Health and Safety Authority
16. Local Government Geographic Information Systems User Group
17. Derilinx
18. Catherine Murphy TD Stephen Donnelly TD McGarr Sols
19. Higher Education Authority
20. Revenue Commissioners
21. Department of Social Protection
22. Health Information and Quality Authority
23. Office of the Data Protection Commissioner

Presentations delivered at information event:

Summary of Responses
Response from Castlebridge Associates / Digital Rights Ireland