The Civil Service Excellence and Innovation Awards is an annual event aimed at recognising staff excellence and innovation in the Civil Service, implementing the commitment made under Action 13 in the Civil Service Renewal Plan.
Every day the Civil Service makes a vital contribution to Irish life and society. Our ability to carry out the work of Government and deliver ‘world class’ public services is dependent on the commitments we as civil servants make, often in challenging circumstances.
The Awards recognise these achievements, and showcase innovations in policy and service delivery across the Civil Service.
The video below captures the diversity of the Civil Service and the high calibre of work civil servants perform every day, while highlighting some of the significant historic events that have shaped how we work today.
This video was created in conjunction with the inaugural Civil Service Excellence and Innovation Awards which aimed to instil a sense of pride and recognise the fantastic work carried out by civil servants across the country whilst serving the people of Ireland.

Awards 2016

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    Awards 2015

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