Fianna Fáil costings

Fianna Fail Budget Costings Spreadsheet

Appendix 1 – Home Help Hours

Appendix 2 – HSE Replies

Appendix 3 – Ambulance Costs

Appendix 4 – Drug Payment Scheme Costs

Appendix 5 – Prescription Charges Revenue

Appendix 6 Cost Estimate for Toll Saver

Appendix 7 Cost Estimates for Electric Car Proposals

Appendix 8 Cost Estimates Allowing Rail Passengers to Add Park and Ride to their Tax Saver

Appendix 9 – PA Costs

Appendix 10 HSE New Monies

Appendix 11 – Hospital Bed Costs

Appendix 12 Transport Infrastructure Ireland Letter

Letter to Fianna Fáil Jan 18

Sinn Féin

Final Sinn Fein Costings Table Website

Letter to Sinn Féin Jan 18

Labour costings

Labour Table with full responses-Website

Letter to The Labour Party Jan 18

Green Party costings

Green Table with full responses

Letter to The Green Party Jan 18