The introduction of shared services is an important part of the Government’s Civil Service reform programme.

The National Shared Services Office (NSSO) is responsible for delivering shared services within the Civil Service and setting standards and implementing government policy for shared services across the Public Service in Ireland. It is an administrative office within the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, set up as part of the Government’s reform programme.

The National Shared Services Office is led by the Chief Executive, who reports to the Secretary General of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

The National Shared Services Office currently consists of:

  • Two operational shared service centres:
    • PeoplePoint (HR & pensions administration Shared Service Centre)

PeoplePoint began providing HR and pensions administration shared services to the Civil Service on a phased basis in March 2013 and is continuing to roll this out to other in scope Public Service Bodies throughout 2015.

    • The Payroll Shared Service Centre (PSSC)

The PSSC began transacting in December 2013 and this will become fully operational by 2017.


  • three projects, each project remains active until all components of it have gone into operation.
    • the PeoplePoint project,
    • the Payroll Shared Services Centre project and;
    • the Financial Management Shared Service Centre project.


  • the Corporate Services Division, providing corporate governance and compliance functions, such as risk management, financial management, business planning, audit, learning and development, customer support and stakeholder engagement.


  • the Policy & Advisory Division which includes setting standards, research and policy development, as well as providing guidance and advice to shared services sectors across the Public Service.