Quality Customer Service

Improving how the Public Service engages with its customers and improving service design and delivery is a core part of the Public Service Reform programme, building on the 12 guiding principles on Quality Customer Service (QCS) which form the basis of the QCS Initiative.

Quality Customer Service (QCS) Officers in Departments, Offices and other public bodies oversee customer service standards in their organisations, including producing Customer Charters as per the Customer Charter Initiative launched in 2002.  In the Civil Service, these QCS Officers are part of the QCS Officers’ Network, chaired by Declan Rigney from the Office of the Revenue Commissioners. The network meets regularly, facilitated by the Reform and Delivery Office, to discuss and share best practice in customer service. Guidelines for the Preparation of Customer Charters and Customer Action Plans were revised in 2012.

Surveys of Civil Service business customers and Civil Service general public customers are held in alternate years to ascertain satisfaction levels with services received, as well as more general perceptions of, and attitudes towards, Civil Service departments and major offices. The surveys meet a commitment in the Government’s Public Service Reform Plan 2014-2016 to “commission, deliver and disseminate the results of a Civil Service customer satisfaction survey”. There is also a commitment in the Civil Service Renewal Plan to “run regular surveys of Civil Service customers to more fully understand user experiences, expectations and requirements.

The most recent survey of  Civil Service business customers  was undertaken in 2016 with results published in January 2017. The Civil Service general public customers was completed in 2017 with results published in April 2017.