Public Consultation on the Open Data Strategy 2017-2022

On 20th June, 2017, the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Paschal Donohoe T.D, launched a public consultation on the draft national Open Data Strategy 2017-2022

6 submissions were received and these can be viewed below, together with the response of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform to the submissions. The final Open Data Strategy 2017-2022 was published on 14 July, 2014.

Idiro Analytics – Open Data Ireland Submission

Submission on Open Data Strategy – John O’Flaherty Mac Ltd

Submission on Open Data Strategy – Kalpana Shankar

Submission on Open Data Strategy – Patricia Clarke – Health Research Board

Submission on Open Data Strategy final – AONTAS

Submission on Open Data Strategy -Lisa Murphy – Science Foundation IRL

Department’s response:

Response by DPER to Public Consultations received

2014 Public Consultation 

A well-attended public meeting on open data took place on 8 September 2014. Insight Centre for Data Analytics presented its research work which was followed by an informative and constructive discussion. You can view the presentation here. The Department also invited observations and ideas on how open data can be utilised, which datasets would be of value to citizens and have a high economic and social impact, and how best to progress the initiative. You can view the submissions received, below. In October 2014, the Department issued a Request for Tender on the eTenders website for the Provision of Expert Support for the Delivery of Ireland’s Open Data Initiative. This contract was awarded to a consortium comprising Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Derilinx and Fujitsu at the beginning of November 2014. Key elements of the work of this expert support included:

  • development of an open data plan;
  • further development of the Portal;
  • outreach/dissemination/consultation with the general public, civil society, business and other interests as appropriate, and
  • establishing appropriate governance structures

The Department also established a Public Bodies Working Group on Open Data, comprising officials from a number of public bodies with expertise in relation to data, including the CSO, Ordnance Survey Ireland and the Marine Institute. This group meet on a monthly basis to help drive the Open Data initiative forward through: –

  • supporting and advising the Department on key issues and agreeing a way forward on the infrastructural/enabling issues;
  • considering capacity building and supporting public bodies in this regard;
  • providing advice, guidance and ideas on actions for the open data initiative over the next 3 years (using the Roadmap developed by Insight Centre for Data Analytics as a basis);
  • identifying open data projects and other initiatives to promote usage

As part of the consultation process on the development of a foundation document for an Open Data Strategy in 2014, the following submissions were received:

Dr Kalpana Shankar UCD

Local Government GIS User Group


Institute of Public Health

Dr. Tracey P. Lauriault

Programmable City Project NUI Maynooth

Dr John O’Flaherty MAC Ltd

Heather L Wiencko

Fingal County Council

Consultation on Open Data Licencing

As part of the Open Data initiative, the Minister published a consultation document on Open Data Licences on 11 February 2015. This consultation document considers a number of options for an Open Data licence for use in Ireland, to help ensure interoperability with other datasets internationally and to help facilitate use and re-use by ensuring continuity of Open Data availability.

The paper also outlined a number of issues requiring further consultation and analysis. The full text of the consultation paper is available here.

Submissions received informed the development of the Technical Framework for Open Data.

Submissions Received:

Office of the Attorney General

Wikimedia Community Ireland

Michael Larkin (Openstreetmap contributor)

Open Knowledge Ireland (Mr Denis Parfenov and Dr Ingo Keck)

Ms Flora Fleischer

Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI)


Ordnance Survey Ireland

Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources/GSI

Fingal County Council

UCD Library

Department of Environment, Community and Local Government

Programmable City (NUI Maynooth)

Office of the Revenue Commissioners

Consultation with Business

As part of the consultation process on the development of a Foundation document for an Open Data Strategy, the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform hosted a meeting with representatives of the business community to discuss the potential economic impact of Ireland’s Open Data Initiative. The meeting considered how Open Data can drive new innovation and provide opportunities – including commercial opportunities – for businesses, citizens and public servants to realise the true value of Open Data.

Read the Open Data Business Paper here.


Insight Centre for Data Analytics – Following a competitive tender process at the beginning of 2014, Insight Centre for Data Analytics was awarded a short-term contract to carry out research on behalf of the Department.  The Centre’s research comprises a Best Practice Handbook, a Data Audit Report, a Roadmap for Open Data, an Evaluation Framework and an Open Data Publication Handbook which will provide guidance to public bodies on the publication of data in open format in line with international standards.

  • Best Practice Handbook –the core document that draws together existing best practice standards for the publication and re-use of Open Data to assist in establishing best practice standards in Ireland.
  • Data Audit Report – reports on an audit of the Irish public sector datasets available online and aligns the findings with the ‘common high-value datasets’ based on the G8 Open Data Charter categories.
  • Roadmap – sets out a detailed 3 year plan for the objectives, structure and actions necessary to advance publication of national and regional Open Data for maximum impact.
  • Evaluation Framework – to assess the current state of readiness for Open Data in Ireland; to monitor and assess the ongoing progress of the initiative, and to measure the actual economic, social and political impact of the initiative.

Insight’s work was published to assist the development of an Open Data strategy for Ireland.