The 2017 Civil Service Employee Engagement Survey (CSEES) was available for 3 weeks, from Monday 18th September – Friday 6th October 2017.

Over 21,300 civil servants from 51 Departments/Offices took part in the 2017 CSEES and the results of the survey will be published in Q1 2018. Further information is available from CSRenewal@per.gov.ie.


In September 2015 the Civil Service carried out its first ever Employee Engagement Survey, where civil servants were asked over 100 questions about their experiences working within the Civil Service. Over 15,500 Irish civil servants worldwide took part, providing their views on areas like employee engagement, well-being, commitment to the organisation, and job skills match.

The survey is a key action in the Civil Service Renewal Plan, utilised as an aid to continually improve and progress through a period of transformational change. A milestone, it highlights the pace of progress in implementing the Renewal Plan while demonstrating that the Civil Service is serious about improving how it does business in order to better serve the Irish people.

Published on 28th January, the 2015 survey can be found here.

The follow up to the 2015 Employee Engagement Survey will take place in September 2017.

Documents Related to the 2015 Survey can be found below: