Appointments to State Boards

All appointments to State Boards must be advertised openly on the State Boards portal at, which is operated by the Public Appointments Service.

You can register your Expression of Interest on and, should a vacancy arise, our Department will then use this Website to examine all applicants with a view of ensuring that the most qualified/suitable persons may be considered for any such vacancies.

The new model will mean that all appointments must meet the specific and detailed criteria determined by the relevant Minister as necessary for a member of the particular Board.

All appointments will be subject to the new arrangements, other than those where vacancies must be filled through a particular process or where a Minister is reappointing a Board member and where that member has already demonstrated their capacity to perform effectively.  A transparent assessment system will be designed and implemented on an independent basis by the Public Appointments Service to process the applications.

The new arrangements also provide that the website, as well as being the sole portal for the receipt of applications for all State Boards, will also contain definitive and current information on all statutory boards. This information will be published on the website in the near future.

Appointments will continue to be the exclusive responsibility of the relevant Minister in line with the statutory requirements relating to the appointment of specific persons to State Boards on an ex-officio basis, or on the basis of nominations received from other Ministers or particular stakeholders.

I will be expected to provide the Public Appointments Service with the key requirements that a candidate must meet, including:-

•           Specialist skills and technical knowledge;

•           Relevant experience and sectoral expertise;

•           Educational and other qualifications; and

•           Particular personal attributes.

On foot on the Government Decision, my officials are currently preparing overarching guidelines on appointments for approval by Government, including issues related to gender and diversity. As part of this process all Departments have been contacted seeking comprehensive details on all State Boards under their aegis.

A review of these new arrangements will be carried out and completed within eighteen months.

State Boards under the aegis of

Department of Public Expenditure and Reform


No. of Board Members

No. of Existing  Vacancies

Relevant Statutes

Public Appointments Service Board


Section 36, 37 & 58 of the Public Service (Recruitment and Appointments) Act 2004
An Post National Lottery Board



National Lottery Act 1986; the Companies Acts 1963-2012; and complies with the Provisions of the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies, issued by the Department of Finance

An Post National Lottery Board1

Member Date Appointed

Recommended By

Mr. Donal Connell


Re-appointed 29/02/2012,


An Post
Mr. Peter Quinn Re-appointed



An Post
Mr. Dermot Griffin Re-appointed 06/11/2012,


An Post
Mr. Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh Re-appointed 06/11/2012,


Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform
Ms. Caroline Murphy Re-appointed 06/11/2013 An Post
Mr. Oliver Wilkinson Re-appointed 06/11/2013 Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform

1 The board vacancies filled on my recommendation were not advertised in light of the imminent disposal of the National Lottery license.

Public Appointments Service Board (2014-2017)

Member Date Appointed Recommended By
Ms. Judith Eve, Chairman 9/10/14 Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform
 Mr. Paul Lemass* 9/10/14 Minister for Environment, Community

and Local Government

Dr. Deirdre O’Keeffe 9/10/14 Minister for Justice and Equality
Dr. Eddie Molloy 9/10/14 Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform
Ms. Anne Marie Taylor 9/10/14 Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform from advertised process
Ms. Eimear Kenny 9/10/14 Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform from advertised process
Ms. Fiona Tierney as CEO of the PAS holding office on an ex officio basis. 9/10/14 Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform
Mr. Barry O Brien 9/10/14 Minister for Health and Children
Mr. William Beausang 15/07/2013 Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform

*The Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointments) Act, 2004 states that the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform (in consultation with Minister for the Environment, the Minister for Health and the Minister for Justice) should appoint members of the Board of the Public Appointments Service. The Board is meant to be representative of our client base.

The Act also specifies that in appointing persons as members of the Board the Minister shall ensure that:

  • at least 2 of them have either or both civil service and other public service experience and knowledge which the Minister considers relevant, and
  • at least 2 of them have expertise in human resource management, customer service and recruitment outside the public service which the Minister considers relevant,