Appointments to State Boards

In accordance with the Government’s recent decision, the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Mr. Brendan Howlin TD, invites expressions of interest from persons interested in being appointed to the boards of State Bodies and Agencies operating under the Department’s aegis.

In making any board appointments, the Minister will not necessarily be confined to those who make such expressions of interest but will ensure that all of those appointed have the relevant qualifications for the positions. In that respect, the Minister will have regard to the body or agency in question and its particular area of responsibility etc. as well as ensuring that the board members have an appropriate mix of skills and experience in such areas as corporate governance, legal expertise, financial expertise (with particular reference to audit capability and/or project assessment). The Minister may, from time to time, also decide not to fill all existing vacancies.

Persons being proposed for appointment as chairpersons of State Bodies/Agencies may be required to make themselves available to the appropriate Oireachtas committee to discuss the approach which they will take to their role as chairperson and their views about the future contribution of the body or Board in question and, following that discussion, decisions will be taken by the Minister or the Government, as appropriate, to confirm the nominee as chairperson.

Expressions of interests from persons interested in being appointed to any such vacancy should be sent by e-mail to and should be accompanied by a short note or CV outlining the person’s qualification for appointment to any such vacancies. This will allow the Minister to create a talent bank of all CVs received.

When a vacancy arises on any of the State Bodies/Boards all CVs from the talent bank will be examined with a view of ensuring that the most qualified/suitable persons may be considered for the vacancies.

The following table sets out the names of those boards operating under the aegis of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform to which the Minister makes nominations/appointments. Vacancies will be advertised as they arise.

All expressions of interest lapse at the end of the calendar year.

State Boards under the aegis of

Department of Public Expenditure and Reform


No. of Board Members

No. of Existing  Vacancies

Relevant Statutes

Public Appointments Service Board


Section 36, 37 & 58 of the Public Service (Recruitment and Appointments) Act 2004
An Post National Lottery Board



National Lottery Act 1986; the Companies Acts 1963-2012; and complies with the Provisions of the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies, issued by the Department of Finance